Mind Made Wrong - Episode 54 - When You Overcommit 

Hello my beautiful creators!  Today we’re talking about overcommitment. 

Some of you might simply read that word “overcommitment” and you just KNOW it’s you.  Some of you may not know yet - but you’re about to find out. 

I’m spilling ALLLLL the beans on how I have been Overcommitter Supreme this summer. 

I’m sharing this much today, possibly oversharing, because it is incredibly important to me that if you are also a chronic overcommitter, that you can recognize yourself in as many situations as possible, and you become aware and have the tools to break free from this cycle. 


Because I know you want to succeed and be profitable in your artistry. 

Committing to everything is committing to nothing, certainly not success. 

You and I are in this together, and we succeed together by using our mental health experiences as superpowers for creativity and change. 

But this means we have to make discerning and vision-informed choices.  This means we have to prune.  This means we stop overcommitting.   

“Overcommitment is the divorce of clarity and priority from your vision.” 

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POC Podcast Highlight of the Week - Modify by Mindset, with Maija Ibanez  

This is a relatively new show, there’s only a few episodes so far but the content is on target with practical strategies to identify and break through mental and emotional blocks that keep us from success and healing.   

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