1. Out of Eden


My conscience doesn’t shower
I throw back a couple lies to start my day
I paint my halo
Put my headphones on for shelter
Thought I was waking up in paradise
But was it paradise
Cause it just didn’t feel right
I guess I forgot to look out for the cracks in my perception

Now I’m breaking out of Heaven
From the house arrest of my soul
With a brick and a boot through the window
Before my youth gets old

On the open road I’m a freedom rider
And I just broke out of Eden
With nothing left to lose
Cause I’m in my prime
The highway is mine
And you’ll never lock me inside
On the open road I can ride in line
Or I can free my soul

And if I’d run I’d suffer
Only safe when I was kneeling at your feet
But then you built a wall of holy fire against me
No I won’t miss it when the angels sing
Cause have you heard them sing?
It’s terrifying.
So send my regards to god
And take a drink for me at her parties

I’ll throw some shots of rum in the kerosene
I’ll dance alone in the glow from the bonfire of my old dreams
I’m out of their control

I forgive your crimes they’re laid to rest
Hallelujah I guess
But I’ll spit out your pride
Cause heaven was only ever in my mind