About Steel Maggie

Bold, dynamic, and tough as steel, dance pop artist Steel Maggie creates create bittersweet dance pop for the minimally sane, the moderately restless, and the significantly idealistic.

Steel Maggie made her independent debut with the EP release of Demolition Woman (produced by John McLucas) in 2018. Heavily influenced by Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, The Killers, and Christine and the Queens, her musical landscape is a shimmering marriage of 1980s dance pop and her love of dramatic and tragic themes. With powerful vocals and musings on mortality, disillusionment, and addiction, Steel Maggie delivers both hard truths and bittersweet epiphanies throughout Demolition Woman.

As an artist with bipolar disorder, Steel Maggie has fought through years of mania and depression to embody this collection, which she hopes will help shed some light on the status of mental health in her generation and eradicate its stigma. To further this mission, she hosts the Mind Made Wrong podcast where she delivers real conversations about real mental health in the creative industries.

Hot on the stiletto heels of “Warning Label,” (an infectious and hooky 80s-tinted anthem about true self-acceptance and ownership), Steel Maggie released the next single in Out of Eden EP, "Holy Ground" on February 28th, 2020. "Holy Ground," in true Steel Maggie fashion, is an ethereal yet punchy dance floor killer consisting mainly of percussion & vocals, a style evocative of one of her icons, Christine and the Queens. It is about discovering worth and value within, and getting to the place inside where you are your own sacred space, where you can finally say “everywhere I go is Holy Ground.”

The Demolition Woman

The Demolition Woman

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