Mind Made Wrong - Episode 59 - Lesson Learned:  

Hello beautiful creator! 

In this episode I had planned to give you the results of my Zone of Freakout challenge (doing one uncomfortable thing that gets me to grow every day for 14 days) - what I did, how I…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 58 - Dexie: The Second Course 

My beautiful creators, a queen cannot live on bread alone… that’s why I asked Dexie, artist divine, former Mind Made Wrong guest, my soul sister and birthday twin, to come back and deliver us a second serving.  This interview dives…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 54 - When You Overcommit 

Hello my beautiful creators!  Today we’re talking about overcommitment. 

Some of you might simply read that word “overcommitment” and you just KNOW it’s you.  Some of you may not know yet - but you’re about to find out. 

I’m spilling…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 51 - Why Do I Self-Sabotage? 

Hello beautiful creators, it’s Steel Maggie, and wow...today’s episode ALMOST wasn’t!  This is an absolutely spur-of-the moment, jolt-of-lightning, kick-in-the-pants, can’t believe this was in front of my face the entire time type of revelation, one that I almost didn’t have…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 45 - Energetic Environments 

Hello beautiful creators…

First, remember I love you and I’m so grateful for you. 

March has been difficult for us to say the least. But you are strong beyond belief. 

This episode’s topic on “energetic environments” is meant to help…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 44 - Martin Gachiri Interview: Part 2 

Hello my beautiful creators! 

Let’s continue social distancing, staying home when possible, washing those hands for 20 seconds frequently, and over-delivering love and support to each other online.  We will flatten that curve together.

In the meantime, this is Part…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 42 - Sneaky Self Care 

Hello my beautiful creators!  It's me, Steel Maggie, here with probably my most relevant topic TO DATE.  We all know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything - it's so fitting that this particular episode on…

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Mind Made Wrong - Episode 41 - Holy Ground 

Hello beautiful creators!  THIS IS THE 'HOLY GROUND" EPISODE. It has been RELEASED.  And it is glorious.  First and foremost, please LISTEN to "Holy Ground" by me, Steel Maggie, which is available right here on this lovely website (or wherever…

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