Mind Made Wrong - Episode 51 - Why Do I Self-Sabotage? 

Hello beautiful creators, it’s Steel Maggie, and wow...today’s episode ALMOST wasn’t!  This is an absolutely spur-of-the moment, jolt-of-lightning, kick-in-the-pants, can’t believe this was in front of my face the entire time type of revelation, one that I almost didn’t have, and almost was never able to share with you!!  Have you ever wondered why you have such big goals and dreams, you make these beautiful plans, everything feels like it’s moving forward, and all of a sudden, a year has gone by and you’re in the exact same place you started, or worse, while “all” of your peers are achieving greater and greater things?  Is there anything more frustrating than this??  I FEEL YOU.  And this episode will be exactly what you needed to hear because I’m going to give you hind AND future sight to why and how this happens.  I’m going to give you the exact THOUGHT behind why we self-sabotage, and what you can think instead to stop the cycle long enough to choose something different in order to experience a different reality.   

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