Mind Made Wrong - Episode 43 - Martin Gachiri Interview - Part 1 

Hello my beautiful creators!  I hope you are staying healthy, taking extra care of yourselves, and practicing social distancing.  If you’re bored in self-isolation or just plain need something ELSE other than the constant onslaught of COVID-19 news, it just so happens that my friend, fellow musician and Cal Poly Pomona alumnus, Martin Gachiri, is here to share the first half of his Mind Made Wrong Interview.  Fittingly, he speaks on the isolation of depression and the need for the healing outlets of personal artistic expression and community. It’s a very timely message that I can almost guarantee you will relate to and find encouraging during this frustrating and fearful time in our history. 

My favorite moments in Part 1: 

-How Martin found creative freedom by radically changing his perspective on what artistry “looks like” 

-What you can learn from Martin’s two-week break from speaking aloud (that’s right, he didn’t say 1 word for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT) 

-How depression develops as a result of isolation: “me, myself and I” thinking 

-”When you feel like a burden, that’s when people probably want to hear the most from you.” 

-The possibility of a “Motown Martin” series 


The Martin Gachiri Experience 

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