Mind Made Wrong - Episode 41 - Holy Ground 

Hello beautiful creators!  THIS IS THE 'HOLY GROUND" EPISODE. It has been RELEASED.  And it is glorious.  First and foremost, please LISTEN to "Holy Ground" by me, Steel Maggie, which is available right here on this lovely website (or wherever you may prefer to stream) so that these next 30 minutes we spend together will be put into crystal-clear context :)  Please note, this particular podcast recording is from a Facebook Live.  

When I wrote this song, I still had no idea what it was like to love or value myself.  I struggled with letting go of the self-loathing alcoholic identity I built and reveled in, because at the very core, I was afraid of myself, both the darkness and the light.  I didn't know that my extremes are essential to be being the most authentic human being (and artist) I can be.   

Holy Ground became a prophetic lyrical vision for the future of my most important relationship - the one I have with myself.  In this episode, you'll hear me share my emotional evolution through start to finish of writing, recording, and releasing Holy Ground.  "There's no doubt...Everywhere I go is holy ground."  May you listen now and believe for yourself. 

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"Bittersweet and bold dance pop for the minimally sane, the moderately restless, and the significantly idealistic" 

"Holy Ground" by Steel Maggie 

Music and lyrics by Moriah LaPointe, ©️ 2019 

Produced by John McLucas 


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