Mind Made Wrong - Episode 59 - Lesson Learned:  

Hello beautiful creator! 

In this episode I had planned to give you the results of my Zone of Freakout challenge (doing one uncomfortable thing that gets me to grow every day for 14 days) - what I did, how I did it, all that jazz. 

Instead, I’m going to share with you what I LEARNED instead of what I did, including 3 main concepts I really want you to understand and claim for yourself:

1) why you should cultivate a strong intuitive connection within yourself,

2) why you actually SHOULDN’T be in your Zone of Freakout every day, and

3) the question that you need to ask yourself every day instead, if you truly want to step into the life and career you love as a beautiful creator. 

The most amazing thing about this question is that you can do it right now, even if it’s 8pm and you have no idea where your day went.  This question will align you with your source.  Please listen and get ready to fully tap into who you already are - a beautiful and successful creator - without struggle, without hustle, without resistance.   

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