Mind Made Wrong - Episode 28 - Interview with Adriana Ynez: Part 2 

What are the excuses you're using to justify playing/creating/acting small in your life?

Today you will hear the second half of my interview with Adriana Ynez from the band Girl Hazel.

If you joined us for Part 1, you learned how she quit her 9-5 job to transition into full-time music-making. We discussed depression and the importance of having a support system.

In Part 2, Adriana shares the difference between self-care and doing things that make you happy in the moment. We take a deep dive into the relationship between social media and musicians’ mental health and mindset.

You'll learn there is a way to care for yourself, your family, and your friends, and still find success in the music industry. 


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Watch the full video interview exclusively on YouTube 11/8/19, 9am PST here - https://youtu.be/UisN11WT95E

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