MMW #19 - Habitual Thoughts, Habitual Feelings 

We all have bad habits, and some of the WORST offenders are habitual thoughts!  But did you know that feelings can be habitual too? Even if those feelings aren’t positive (maybe ESPECIALLY if those feelings aren’t positive), they can become comfortable, “sticky,” and produce results we never wanted in the first place. 

Today I share, as an example, the current situation in my life that has revealed this immediate and necessary 180 concerning my habitual thoughts and feelings. 

"These thoughts are characterized by problematic FRAMINGS of the situation.  The framing of my role in the situation, the WORDS I used in my thinking."

What is ONE thought-script you're going to FLIP today? 

Please share it with me on Instagram Stories and tag me @steelmaggiehq, or email me -  I want to hear your new habit! And if you know another beautiful creator who will benefit from this message, please share this podcast with them and leave a brilliant rating and review wherever you listen.  It helps Mind Made Wrong reach creators like you. 

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