MMW #16 - Dexie Interview 

Shake the dust off your soul.  

Uncover the truest and most authentic form of YOU with me and one of my best and most brilliant gals, Dexie.  

She's 20, vocally gifted, a trans goddess, AND she'll show you how you can start building legacy from a life worth living TODAY during this indispensable interview. 

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Dexie has a very important message for LGBTQ+ and allied listeners: 

"On the topic of Transgender murder and suicide rates in America, I have a few things to say.  We sadly didn’t get to this topic in the episode, so here you go. 

We are only 8 months into 2019, and 10 trans women have had their lives cut short due to the hateful hands of others. 

It’s also a well known fact that 40% of those identifying as Transgender have attempted suicide in their lifetime, and that Transgender suicide is one of the highest groups of suicide attempts out there. 

This all has to change. 

As I said in the episode, there is so much beauty around all of us and if you want to see the beauty, you first have to accept that you are beautiful. You were made beautiful, and you always have been beautiful. 

If any of you listeners identify as Transgender and are having suicidal thoughts or if you know anyone who is having suicidal thoughts whether they are trans or not, I implore you to please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Their number is 1-800-273-8255. 

As of 2017, the first Transgender Suicide Hotline was founded and their number is 1-877-565-8860. They are known as the Trans Lifeline. 

As a trans artist myself, I hold this topic very near and dear to my heart. These individuals in peril are my brothers and sisters. The fact that they don’t feel beautiful because this world we live in doesn’t let them feel beautiful is utterly appalling. 

Please know that you don’t need anyone to validate your beauty but yourself. The fact that you got this far is a HUGE middle finger to everyone that stands in your way. Please don’t allow others to write your story, and don’t end your story, because your story is worth telling. 

I send all my love to anyone affected by this, and please know you always have someone rooting for you. And that someone is me. 

Stay beautiful.  




The War of Art - by Stephen Pressfield

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