Mind Made Wrong - Episode 58 - Dexie: The Second Course 

My beautiful creators, a queen cannot live on bread alone… that’s why I asked Dexie, artist divine, former Mind Made Wrong guest, my soul sister and birthday twin, to come back and deliver us a second serving.  This interview dives deep into the truths of artistry, creativity, and self-worth.  Please stay for dinner, it’s your favorite meal, home-cooked with love. 

My favorite moments in Dexie: The Second Course 

-Private vs. public presentation: the scarcity-based belief that leads you to creative burn-out 

-You create a product that is for consumption, but you are not for consumption. 

-Look forward to “Dish with Dexie,” the podcast! 

-Audio journaling as a mode of therapy 

-You’re never going to feel “ready” - The immeasurable value of B-minus work. 

-The new meaning of Dexie’s song “Lay With Me,” and why it is so important to her mental health journey, as an ode to self-care and self-worth 

-There is nothing wrong with a sabbatical, and in fact, we think it’s crucial to artistic Renaissance.  Dexie shares her personal experience this year with taking a break from songwriting. 

-The attitude about releasing music and content that every single artist should have!! 

-Why it’s your ultimate DUTY as an artist to know your worth. 

-Live your life as a work of art because art lives as a work of YOU. 


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