Mind Made Wrong - Episode 48 - The Art of Self Acceptance - Hope Littwin: Part 2 

Hello beautiful creators! The incomparable, bold, and unmistakably talented Hope Littwin is back for the second half of her interview, where she expands upon her journey to worthy, and generously grants us incredible insights on self-acceptance, artistic integrity, self-care, and honoring her boundaries.   

My favorite moments in Part 2: 

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-On her mindset shift to worthiness:  “Instead of thinking ‘how cheaply can I possibly do this,’ I’m working on ‘how BIG can I possibly think, how much can I ask for?’”  

-How Hope assembles her “army of self care.” 

-Negative self-talk is actually a comment on “I feel shame, I feel like I’m not worthy,” the more you dig into it, it’s like this is what you’re actually saying underneath your complaint.   

-Protecting her energy: “I cover my head...it’s like a boundary; I’m here, you’re there, and I don’t have to participate in your negative energy. 

-The emotional displacement caused by episodes: “I think that’s a question of self-acceptance and compassion for self, to recognize that this is happening, it’s not the end of the world, but it still sucks, but there’s also something in here that could be valuable, so how do I think about this situation differently, and prove to myself that it’s useful.”  

-“To get to that place of understanding why you do what you do and where your integrity is with what you’re gonna share, is hard work, and it’s valuable work, and I think we have a responsibility as creators to do that work.” 

Hope Littwin 

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