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  1. The 27 Club

From the recording Demolition Woman EP


Jones was Rolling Stones
The rock that no one knew
Deadweight, six feet under in a swimming pool
Fame had Janis looking for a hero in the end
Late at night I hear her, she still haunts my head

But I’m sorry, I’ll be late to your party
I’m already drunk and my plus one’s Robbie
We made the deal of the decade
Just me and him and good ol’ whiskey

We’re troubled angels trapped in time
Reading Amy in between the lines
Blue-eyed Kurt got hurt much faster
27’s just too young to die
And Jimi lit the holy fire with the purple haze
Try and tell me now it’s just a phase

The day I turned eighteen
My world went back to black
I just cared more ‘bout rock and roll
Than the situation in Iraq
Mr. Mojo Risin, the president
Did you have to break on through?
You flew through doors wide open
Before I could get to you




Try and tell me now it’s just a phase