1. Avenger

From the recording Demolition Woman EP


I’m taking matters into my own teeth
I’m out for blood with my perfect scheme
His wrongs plus mine will make me feel just fine
Because I used to be his ride or die
I thought I was the Bonnie to his Clyde
This is my goodbye, give him the time of his life tonight

My blood red lips will be the last thing he sees
I’m gonna carve my name into his history
And I’ll be

Living free, pretty American lady
Today we’re gonna make it right
Living free, I’ll be your contender
Today I’m taking back my life
Yeah I’m gonna be the Avenger

I’m gonna sing on the radio
About how my rock made him roll
And all the world will agree
He shouldn’t have messed with me
Cause he can run but can’t escape
So give me death or give me fame
Put on my starlet shades
Cause I’ll be making that tramp his last date

I’ll pick the poison
I’m a lethal femme
You know my pistol kiss is coming
For his head
And I’ll be


I’ll pick the poison
Lethal femme
My pistol kiss is coming for you

Chorus x 2