From the recording Demolition Woman EP


She paints her face, locks her bedroom door
She doesn’t know what to do anymore
Hysterical laughing on the floor
She takes her meds
She hits on your friends
She’s never alone after the party ends
Windows down, she’s still tipsy

You’ll never know about the pills under her pillow
The TV’s always on above the voices in her head
And the vodka on her nightstand looks like a glass of water
The signs of a struggle that nobody sees
‘Til she leaves
‘Til she leaves

Scratches and scars, bruises and dirt
She takes the bath she don’t feel she deserves
Cause being clean has to be earned
But she loves to feel the rain on her face
Those little punches numbing her pain
Hangs with the wrong crowd on purpose


She drives to your house
It’s four hours away
She dries your tears and makes you feel okay
As long as you’re happy, she’ll hold on for one more day
So she stays the night ‘til she’s gotta work
You kiss her goodbye, you tell her how much she’s worth
But she’ll take the wrong turn on purpose


‘Til she leaves