Mind Made Wrong - Episode 56 - Redefining the Hustle with Suz Paulinski 

Hello my beautiful creators!  

It's been one of our missions on this podcast to dismantle the energy and the culture around the word "hustle," so what an honor and privilege it is to REDEFINE it right here and now with THE Suz Paulinski, founder of The Rock/Star Advocate!  

You'll learn how to truly trust in yourself as an artist, prioritize your self-care as the foundation of your career, why and how to plan even when your plan goes to sh*t, and how to show up for your fans and clients in an authentic and intuitive way.  

This interview will actually listen to YOU and give you that space to admit you're not ok during this time.  After all, that is one of Suz's beautiful things in 2020. 


My Highlights

-The little-known KEY to supercharging your money mindset  

-Why talking openly about mental health in our families and communities is one of the most important things we can do for the industry. 

-The meaning of Rock/Star (it's not what you think!) 

-Why you might still be drinking the grind culture kool-aid, how to break free, and what's at stake for you if you don't.   

-The ANSWER to "why bother planning if things aren't going to go as planned anyway?" Otherwise known as when your plan goes to s&%t! 

-Redefine the Hustle and Planchella 

-When and why to invest in yourself by investing in a coach 

-Suz's beautiful things this year! 


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Intro and outro music - "Signs of a Struggle" by Steel Maggie

  -At the time of this episode's release, the doors to the Redefine the Hustle retreat have already been closed, but Suz has several free and paid resources and offerings so that you can still benefit significantly from her knowledge and expertise on psychology and the musicpreneur mindset, which may be found on her website below.- 


Connect with Suz and check out all she has to offer!   Take the time to invest in yourself :) 

Suz Paulinski 

Website - http://therockstaradvocate.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rockstaradvo 

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/rockstaradvo   

Facebook - http://facebook.com/therockstaradvocate 

YouTube - http://youtube.com/user/rockstaradvo 

Email: suz@therockstaradvocate.com

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