Mind Made Wrong - Episode 55 - How to *Actually* Achieve Your Vision in 2020  

Beautiful creators,

This is the episode that’s going to change the game for you.  I’m going to be sharing a system that has given me levels of clarity and motivation that I have never had before. 

This is the antidote to overcommitment, the panic, and the stagnation you might be experiencing right now as an artist, whether you’re with us in 2020 or years down the road. 

I’m calling it the VBGT system, which stands for Vision, Benchmarks, Goals, and Tactics, top-down, in that order. 

But why is this the episode to beat all episodes?  Because if you follow this system, you are going to have a focused, passion-igniting, and purpose fulfilling roadmap that only involves what YOU want to achieve, how YOU want to live your life, and how YOU want to design your career. 

I’m sharing with you the exact details of my vision, benchmarks, goals, and tactics, and I will explain why everything you do must align with your vision first and foremost.  Get out a pen and paper or the notes on your phone or a google doc, because this might be the most important thing you do for your artistry this year.   

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