Mind Made Wrong - Episode 53 - Ditch the "Starving Artist" Trap for Good - with Katie Zaccardi 

Hello my beautiful creators -- I’m going to say something that might offend you.  If it strikes you the wrong way, I want you to consider that you might still be stuck in the “starving artist” mindset.  In order to be the best, truest, most genuine artist you can be, you have to be profitable.  In other words, not only is making money with your art NOT fake, shameful, or inauthentic - making money is absolutely crucial to true fulfillment as a creative entity. 

When I met Katie Zaccardi, she taught me this exact lesson about the business of music - that money and music are two halves of the same coin.  As a holistic music career coach who helps women in music create stable careers in the industry, Katie completely transformed how I saw myself as a businesswoman AND an artist, one and the same.  In this full interview, Katie completely breaks down the “starving artist” mindset, how it manifested in her career early on, and all the sneaky ways it can trap us and keep us from being profitable and enjoying our lives as creators.  She gives us incredible mindset reframes and attitude shifts around making money (particularly handy in a pandemic), as well as resources and opportunities to work with her. 

One of these is the Wealthy Musician Bundle, which is an epic package that Katie created to help alleviate the stress you're currently feeling around your finances.  It includes a 3 part mini course where you'll learn how to shift your mindset to have a better relationship with money, make small changes with the way you show up for the money you're currently making, and explore options to increase your income.  Also included is “The Musician's Make More Money Tracker & Training," which is your ultimate guide to confidence & clarity around your finances as a musician. This digital planner is crafted so you can plug leaks in your spending, set financial goals, and overall make the most of your money (and make more of it!).   Then there’s Out to Be's Money Resources & Recommendations which is a one-stop list of ways to save money daily & continue your financial journey.  My beautiful creators - YOU GET 50% OFF this week just for listening and supporting the Mind Made Wrong Podcast.   Normally $49, using the link and code below the bundle will be $24.50, from June 22, 2020 to June 29, 2020, because you are a beautiful creator who is committed to making MOVES this year. 

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Katie Zaccardi 

Email: katie@katiezaccardi.com 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/katiezaccardi 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/KatieZaccardiNY 

Website: http://katiezaccardi.com/ 

OUT TO BE PODCAST: https://pod.link/1456146541 


My favorite moments in Katie’s interview 

-On coming to terms with lack of control - having anxiety about anxiety itself 

-Synchronicity! Pay close attention to the mini miracle moments in Katie’s journey from her yoga teacher training to when she quit her music publishing job to start her own business. 

-”I had to DECIDE that I wasn’t going to show up as someone who was getting really bothered and not trusting what was going to happen.” 

-Why impostor syndrome is the ultimate thief, and how Katie experiences this both in the mindsets of the musicians she works with, and in running her business as a coach. 

-How to move past the pervasive false dichotomy of “fake/inauthentic self-promoting artist” vs. “genuine creative true artist that never promotes.” 

-“It is not about you, take YOU out of it...You’re not asking them to always do stuff for you, you’re sharing things that might add value to their lives, and you should not feel sorry for that.  You shouldn’t feel sorry for sharing your value and gifts with the world.” 

-Indispensable pandemic/disruption-specific money mindset tips (hint - don’t assume) 

-How Katie holistically incorporates mindset work with functional medicine practices to keep inflammation down and her anxiety levels low. 

-Katie’s entry-level offerings: From Stressed to Success course: for artists just starting out to lay the foundations for a sustainable and profitable music career.  The Wealthy Musician Bundle, previously only available to one on one clients: helps plug leaks, make more money or at least keep the money that is coming in, and actually figure out how to reach your financial goals. 

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