Mind Made Wrong - Episode 49 - From Broke to Bank with Fiona Flyte: Part 1 

Hello my beautiful creators! 

The wait is over, the singer’s business coach Fiona Flyte is here, and as promised, she’s going to take you from broke to BANK. 

Get ready to say goodbye to old mindsets that have never served you as an artist, and welcome new levels of success, purpose, and satisfaction in your career. 

Honestly, I’ll say strap yourself in, because Fiona is such a natural, she coaches me throughout all of my interview questions to HER!! 

But I will also say that you will learn exactly what you need to learn in this next 30 minutes. 

Singers who are also teachers, this episode is ESPECIALLY for you.  

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My highlights from Part 1:  

-“Just because you’re getting all these “no’s” don’t think of it as a rejection, think of it as evidence that you believe in yourself that much.” 

-Why the phrase “those who can’t, teach” is trash and you need to throw it out out OUT 

-We can, AT EVERY LEVEL, diversify our incomes.  A big part of what the indie artist is missing is the diversified income stream, in addition to the shift in the mindset to how we are legitimate artists no matter how we monetize. 

-“I’m a performer or nothing” is a lie. 

-How you can MONETIZE your career TODAY, wherever you’re at in your career 

-How to discover an align with what truly matters to you RIGHT NOW (and why that’s all you need to know) 

-Books: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch 

-Source, Universal Intelligence, and Radical Trust: these concepts aren’t woo-woo, you just might have different words for them. 

-“Going down the rabbit hole of what’s the perfect answer… if you just trust that the one that showed up was the right one for you in that moment, then everything shifts.”  


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