MMW #22 Thought Scientists 

In today's episode, I show you why you are already a "thought scientist," and how you can use this powerful identity to radically uplevel your life.

I take you through the 5 steps of a simple but effective "experiment" that…

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MMW #21 - Interview with Lisa Danaë 

Today you will be moved and inspired by fellow pop gal Lisa Danaë as she shares her incredible story of mental health and music.  

We also talk depression, ageism and sexism in the music industry, and dreaming the legacy she…

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MMW #19 - Habitual Thoughts, Habitual Feelings 

We all have bad habits, and some of the WORST offenders are habitual thoughts!  But did you know that feelings can be habitual too? Even if those feelings aren’t positive (maybe ESPECIALLY if those feelings aren’t positive), they can become…

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MMW #18 - Steven Meyers from Past Tense of Never 

Founder of the band with the RADDEST name I’ve heard in awhile (Past Tense of Never), Steven Meyers is here today with a vividly honest and brutally hilarious interview. 

We discuss the wild rollercoaster of his band’s journey, living with…

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MMW #17 - The Compound Effect 

Your results in life, your success, your income, almost anything you can think of, is brought forth in part by a principle known as The Compound Effect.

Today I share this principle (and the insights of Darren Hardy, author of…

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MMW #16 - Dexie Interview 

Shake the dust off your soul.  

Uncover the truest and most authentic form of YOU with me and one of my best and most brilliant gals, Dexie.  

She's 20, vocally gifted, a trans goddess, AND she'll show you how you…

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MMW #14 Letting Go of "Perfect" with Steven Ward 

Today we're letting go of the perfectionism disease with Neural DSP content creator (and guitarist & pal) Steven Ward. 

Moments you don't want to miss:  

-The time Steven's work habits took him off the guitar for 1 YEAR due to…

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MMW #12 #teamnosleep = #no 

Is your life a work of art, or an ATM machine?  

Are you trading your time for vanity, sacrificing so many things you can never get back? 

I initially intended this to be nice informative episode on why sleep is…

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MMW #11 - MOLEKEY Interview 

Have you ever struggled with the effects of psychiatric medication?

Matt Mulkey, aka MOLEKEY, is here to share his incredible story of pain and redemption, revealing a captivating journey through bipolar disorder.  

He blew my mind sharing the unconventional path…

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MMW #10 - Running Out of Time? 

My struggle with LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux) has forced me into a season of dizzying change. 

Most things I had planned have been put on the back burner in order to prioritize my health. 

This situation has helped me tease out…

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MMW #9 - I Am Not My Warning Label 

This special edition episode of Mind Made Wrong coincides with the release of my new single "Warning Label."  Today I talk about how we can own who we've been, are, and will be, and still free ourselves from the shackles…

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