Mind Made Wrong - Episode 52 - How Artists Can Be Proactive For Anti-Racism 

Hello my beautiful creators,

I sincerely apologize for being absent last week, I definitely hit a self-created not-being-medication-compliant rapid cycle that kept me down (then up, and down, and then really up, and then REALLY DOWN) for a hot minute. 

This week, I’m back with a practical discussion about what those of you who are feeling unsure of what your roles are in recent events can do to be constructive in your support of communities of color. 

I’m going to be giving you ACTIONS - not thoughts, prayers, guilt, or soapboxes - actions that are simple but effective for you all as artists to help amplify marginalized and oppressed voices and causes.   

This Week’s Podcast Spotlights 

For Education on Cultural Barriers to Accessing Mental Health: Culture Meets Wellness - with Chongo Bwalya https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-anona-wellness-podcast 

For Getting That Mindset RIGHT: The Black Belt Mindset - with Cameron Smith http://theblackbeltmindset.libsyn.com/ 

For Absolute Business BOSS-NESS: Side Hustle Pro - with Nicaila Matthews Okome https://www.sidehustlepro.co/podcast-episodes/ 

On Learning How to Be a Better Ally: Leading with Empathy and Allyship - with Melinda Briana Epler: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/leading-with-empathy-allyship-podcast (Not hosted by a POC but features all POC guests and is a great ally resource)

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