Mind Made Wrong - Episode 47 - Creation is a Conversation - Hope Littwin: Part 1 

Hello beautiful creators! :) Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and recording artist, Hope Littwin, joins me today to have a vivid and vital conversation about the intersection of creativity and mental health.  After finding herself trapped in the artistic and monetary confines of the high-art conservatory world, Hope shares with us how she is becoming an independent artist in every sense of the word.   

My favorite moments in Part 1

-The value of going back to your foundations when things get tough: ”Any time you have something that flips your life around...you start asking yourself very different questions, It’s scary, but it’s a very valuable question” - “Who am I if I can’t do my art?” 

-The human race essentially makes art in order to have and continue a conversation: “Art is much more about dialogue than anything else, I don’t create in a vacuum...I don’t create just for myself.” 

-On acting despite fear: “The only way out is through.”  If you’re avoiding something, it is controlling you. 

-“Create in the circumstance that is the most terrifying for you over and over again. You can’t not face it.”   

-Hope’s view on the balance between labels of diagnoses and self-evaluation:  “I was afraid that I would allow someone else’s opinion, which could completely be misled, to then define how I view myself.  I want to be the person who defines myself. I’m willing to face myself on a daily basis. At the end of the day I don’t want to be at someone else’s door being like “what’s wrong with me.”  I have my own tools to say “ok I’ve been here before, here’s my list of tools I can use to bring myself back, and maybe one of which is calling someone who is a professional who can help me, but I kind of know when that’s the option that I want, and when it’s not.” 

-Betterhelp.com is a great way you can find affordable and quality therapists on the road, online, and in a pandemic.   

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