Mind Made Wrong - Episode 45 - Energetic Environments 

Hello beautiful creators…

First, remember I love you and I’m so grateful for you. 

March has been difficult for us to say the least. But you are strong beyond belief. 

This episode’s topic on “energetic environments” is meant to help you protect and transform your energy during this time, to coach you how to fortify your inner empire.  I hope this episode may serve as a clarifying, inspiring, and motivating offering to you.

Thank you so much for your ongoing listenership and dedication.   

If you need any support at all, please tell me your story, your thoughts, feelings, and any resources I might be able to provide.  Email me at maggie@steelmaggiemusic, or message me on Instagram or Twitter @steelmaggiehq.   

How to transform and protect your energetic environment: 4 Steps

1) Find a quiet spot, or put some instrumental music or white noise on, and take stock of what you’re thinking and feeling right now.  Write it down and don’t filter. 

2) Examine your day, what/whom you’re surrounding yourself with, your coping actions, and trace them back to your thoughts about the circumstance.  

3) Imagine your energetic environment and how you desire to FEEL. 

4) Pick a couple of things you can adjust right now, things that might help, and ACT NOW.  Even if you’re unsure, just try it out. Try your hypotheses to see what works and what doesn’t.  But do it now. Your new energetic environment is on the other side. 

When you do just one thing, the smallest adjustment will make a world of difference. 

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