Mind Made Wrong - Episode 44 - Martin Gachiri Interview: Part 2 

Hello my beautiful creators! 

Let’s continue social distancing, staying home when possible, washing those hands for 20 seconds frequently, and over-delivering love and support to each other online.  We will flatten that curve together.

In the meantime, this is Part 2 of Martin Gachiri’s interview where he shares his experience with the ever-present struggle that artists face; self worth and value as it applies to their creations. 

His answer?

It comes down to your own lack of trust in yourself, the quality of your relationship with YOU. Discover how Martin found a sense of value and purpose in his artistic identity, even when he felt detached and uninspired.   

My favorite moments in Part 2: 

-Don’t give yourself time to second guess yourself.  Share your art. 

-You don’t have to have crazy big aspirations in order to justify your existence as a creator of art.  “I just kind of wanted to be that guitar dude.” 

-Moms are always right!  Martin’s mother shared with him one short sentence that made a huge impact on his moods and his relationships with others and himself (seriously if you get just ONE take away from this episode, apply THIS). 

-The evolution of your music (or any other artistic body of work) represents the evolution of who you’ve been and who you’ve become.   

-A song is an audio “screenshot” of who you were in that exact moment when you wrote it. 

-An inside peek at one of Martin’s RPM Songwriting Challenge creations, “Microdose” 

THE FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW IN WHICH MY HAIR IS UNDENIABLY 90s (Link will be present and viable by 1pm PST 3.23.20) 


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